Raji Rabbit Show Season 5 Episode 6 - Frenchie Babyy


Innovative Dancer, and rapper Frenchie Babyy sits down for a great conversation on the dance community, bonebreaking, video game motion capture dances, Fortnite lawsuit and more!

Frenchie has been featured in music videos from Tyga, E-40, Sage The Gemini, and more!


Frenchie’s Youtube:


Turf Feinz

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Raji Rabbit Podcast Season 5 Episode 1

Raji Rabbit Sits down with rapper Ill Nicky, DJ/Producer Bo Scott, Producer Anno Domini , and producer J Pats.

Ill Nicky

Ill Nicky

Ill Nicky:

Bo Scott:

Anno Domini:

Show Notes

2:14 : Subway sandwhich

22:50 Why are we here?

58:52 Networking

1:21:00 American Pie

1:22:00 Bo’s Interesting tidbit

1:24:50 Branding

1:42:00 Soundcloud

1:45:00 Auto Messaging People

1:53:00 Flat Earth Fuck

1:59:00 Mother Fucking Flat Earth Tardigrade



Raji Rabbit Podcast S4 Ep 1

Back! After a long Hiatus, I am back with a new Podcast! Thanks for hanging in there with me!  So, first up recording of the keynote I attended featuring Laidback Luke at DJ Expo 2017! Great advice given by a legendary DJ! Hear his story now!



Season 3 Episode 1

Hey guys! Season 3 here, Season 2 is very short. This is an update Podcast to let everyone know what's been going on and a peak inside my mind currently.  Topics discussed 2016 election, writers block, and independent music.



Raj Rabbit And Friends Ep- 19 Matt Alcobia

Sorry for the late post!  I've been fighting a nightmare Export issue on Final Cut Pro.. But I have resolved it and the video is finally done. The Audio is easy, the video stuff takes Soo much time! Thanks for being patient! 

This week's guest , Matt Alcobia aka Dirty Disciple, stops by.  We discuss music business and he joins me for another edition of "We Read it on Reddit"