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Raji Rabbit Podcast Season 5 Episode 1

Raji Rabbit Sits down with rapper Ill Nicky, DJ/Producer Bo Scott, Producer Anno Domini , and producer J Pats.

Ill Nicky

Ill Nicky

Ill Nicky:

Bo Scott:

Anno Domini:

Show Notes

2:14 : Subway sandwhich

22:50 Why are we here?

58:52 Networking

1:21:00 American Pie

1:22:00 Bo’s Interesting tidbit

1:24:50 Branding

1:42:00 Soundcloud

1:45:00 Auto Messaging People

1:53:00 Flat Earth Fuck

1:59:00 Mother Fucking Flat Earth Tardigrade



Raji Rabbit And Friends Ep-13 Mixmaster Jones Capone

Very happy to bring you this interview! Just a couple of weeks ahead of my huge DJ JAM interview!  

Mixmaster Jones Capone is one of my mentors. When I was 16 years old , he took me under his wing and helped show me the DJ ropes. Still residing in Evansville, Indiana I caught up with him for this interview, this is not only an interview, but two great friends chatting it up.

Thanks  Walter, aka Mixmaster Jones Capone



Raji Rabbit And Friends Ep-11 Christopher Duerrmeier of Sound Clip Studios

Great Show this week with my world traveling multi-lingual friend Christopher Duerrmeier.  Find out about his just opened professional recording studio, Sound Clip Studios.   There's a love story in here, just keep listening and find out how he met his wonderful wife and the awesome coincidences that brought them together.


Contact Christopher @